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Re: Lubuntu 14.04: live cd/dvd asking for password after screen coming from standby


On 03/31/2014 05:21 PM, Iberê Fernandes wrote:

I didn't have time to check myself yet, but I've read from 2 users at
Facebook: they were trying the live cd/dvd of 14.04 and they let their
machine go idle for 10 to 20 minutes. When they were back to their
machines, Lubuntu live session was asking for a password.

Was anyone able to reproduce this bug? Afaik, they did not file a bug yet.

Best regards,


This sounds consistent with the way the Live CD (or persistent USB) has worked with Lubuntu in past releases.

If you ever sign-out (of the live desktop), you have to sign-in again, and it asks for a password, to which you just hit the Enter key. If you install anything using Synaptic Package Manager, it asks for a password (just hit Enter) as well.

Perhaps with the inactivity, it just signed-off.

I am saying this all from memory, and supposition - I have not tested 14.04.


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