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Re: Lubuntu 14.04 Beta Testing - Conclusions


On 04/09/2014 10:36 PM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Thank you Aere,

for sharing this information with us at the Lubuntu community:-)
Nio, and All:

I have finished my usual pre-release testing on the Lubuntu 14.04 Beta system.

My tests are MIDI/Audio/Java centered.

I tested on two machines:

1. A Compac Deskpro, 933 megahertz, 512 MB RAM machine with i915 (intel) graphics
2. An HP Vectra, 450 megahertz, 512 MB RAM machine, with Matrox graphics

I installed both systems using the Live CD, double-clicking the Install desktop icon, and used manual partitioning (the "Other" choice). In both machines, there was a pre-existing swap partition. I had no problems during the installation.

Machine 1 has jagged (not smooth) color gradients, obvious in the default Lubuntu wallpaper.

I used the Firefox browser (with a single tab) for doing the Java Web-Start installs, and for accessing (in a local file) the installed help and tutorials.

My automated (Java) installation/configuration of additional MIDI components worked fine, so I can probably work-around the gdebi problem reported below.

All of the required functionality worked. I was pleasantly surprised that the Software Updater (GUI) now works on slow machines, and on shut-down, it now turns the power off on the HP Vectra machine (which Lubuntu has never been able to do before).

Also, playing a very demanding MIDI sequence using Rosegarden and Qsynth (a software synthesizer), there wasn't a single under-run - even on the slow (450 megahertz) machine.

Overall, I am pleased with this release candidate.

The only problem outstanding for me, is that when you install a (dummy) package with only dependencies, using gdebi, it reports an error, saying that it can't install the dependencies, and that you need to do the following statement: "sudo apt-get install -f" in a terminal session (which then does install the dependencies).

I reported this, creating the following bug report:


I tried to report it using "ubuntu-bug" (apport), but that doesn't seem to work on my 14.04 system (it would refresh over and over in the browser, but no information on the bug would ever appear).  I finally entered the bug report entirely by hand in the browser.

One thing I noticed that I think will cause problems for users (on slow machines), is the practice of fully repainting the application window for every few pixels of dragging.  This is so slow, that I gave up trying to re-arrange windows unless I desperately needed to do so.