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Re: [Lubuntu-comms] lubuntu-restricted-extras package


2014-04-25 18:32, Andre Rodovalho skrev:
> By the way, I don't know if you guys are on control
> of http://lubuntu.net/ but there is a mistaken information on that
> slider... It says "shipped with chromium"
> 2014-04-25 13:29 GMT-03:00 Andre Rodovalho <andre.rodovalho@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:andre.rodovalho@xxxxxxxxx>>:
>     Hello guys, I installed this package recently on 14.04. I saw that
>     it triggers to some other packages like chromium gstreamer. Since
>     Chromium is not default browser, is this right?
Hi Andre,

I'll forward your message to Mario Behling, who owns the page, and with
a copy to Julien Lavergne, Lubuntu's main developer, who is cooperating
closely with Mario, and Rafael Laguna who is responsible to the Lubuntu

Hi Mario,

Have you considered updating the slide-show (at least change the slide
about Chromium-Browser to a slide about Firefox)?

Hi Rafael,

Is there some [other] slide that you would like to change, or have you
got any idea for another slide? How is the slide show on Lubuntu.net
compared to that in the desktop installer of Lubuntu 14.04 LTS?

Best regards

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