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Lubuntu Trusty daily update choices misconfiguration



I have noticed an issue with the configuration for the choice of updates in Lubuntu
Trusty daily a few days ago. I have just resynced with todays daily a moment ago with
zsync and I am again testing it in Virtualbox.

Now I have started it, opened Synaptic and looked into the menu Settings > Repositories >
Tab Updates and this is what I can see now: the first three lines are selected, including
"Trusty proposed", which should not be ticked, if I believe what I am used to see.

Last time I tried a few days ago, all of them were ticked.

Last time as well as now, the Trusty proposed line **can't be** deselected! Here is a
screen-shot of what I am seeing:

So where does that come from that it is ticked and can't even be unticked? I don't have
an answer to the first question, but I found a lead for the second one.
In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ there is a file having for name "proposed.list" containing
the source for it.

The third line won't be unticked from within the gui, the only way it will be deactivate
is by removing the proposed.list file. (Or moving it out of the way). But eventually it
will be recreated. (By ticking again the option, which then can't be unticked… )

What do you people think? Is it an expected behavior (for what reason then?) or is it a

Best regards,



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