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btrfs support


Hi Boss,

the below conversation is self explanatory.

(13:20:36) jibel: bug 1347345
(13:20:38) ubot5: bug 1347345 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "fails to create btrfs
filesystem" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1347345
(13:21:50) xnox: jibel: let me try that.
(13:21:57) jibel: average_guy, I tried with Ubuntu and it worked fine. I'll
try with lubuntu
(13:22:24) average_guy: I have not had the same problem in any other flavor
either jibel
(13:22:38) jibel: average_guy, is it 32 or 64bit ?
(13:22:44) average_guy: 32
(13:26:02) jibel: right it crashed
(13:26:20) average_guy: glad it's not just me :P
(13:29:30) jibel: xnox, partman and syslog attached to the bug report
(13:29:49) xnox: tah
(13:30:36) jibel: xnox, FYI this was in qemu with a disk of 8G and 6GB
allocated to /
(13:31:14) xnox: jibel: yeah, it looks like partman did not like btrfs at
all there.... *fun*
(13:31:33) jibel: I'm retrying with ubuntu 32bit
(13:36:53) jibel: it's odd that same disk layout works fine with ubuntu
desktop i386
(13:37:21) average_guy: and xubuntu and U server. seems specific to lubuntu
(13:40:25) jibel: xnox, btrfs-tools 3.12-1 is not seeded on lubuntu. It
might be useful for btrfs support :)
(13:40:43) xnox: jibel: lolz.
(13:40:56) xnox: jibel: yes, it might well be very useful. it should be a
ubiquity dep, no?
(13:42:05) jibel: xnox, it's a recommends
(13:46:31) jibel: xnox, do you know where are the livefs build logs for
(13:46:33) jibel: ?
(13:47:00) jibel: logs in
http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/trusty/ stop
at the release in april
(13:54:19) xnox: jibel: it's all in launchpad now.
(13:54:26) xnox: jibel: cause we use launchpad to build images.
(13:54:43) jibel: ah, I missed that change
(13:55:54) ***xnox
(15:28:26) phillw: jibel: / xnox can you add, or do I need to ask Julien ?
(15:29:01) jibel: phillw, add what?
(15:29:23) phillw: (13:40:25) jibel: xnox, btrfs-tools 3.12-1 is not seeded
on lubuntu. It might be useful for btrfs support :)
(15:29:30) jibel: phillw, ah, xnox is on it
(15:29:58) phillw: btrfs is checked at boot time... obviously no one has
actually used it yt :) thanks :)

@ Julien, I presume xnox is making it a requirement instead of a
recommends, but you'd need to check up on this.

Well done average_guy (a new tester), and thanks to the QA team for rolling
up their sleeves to chase this one down.