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iBus alternatives


Especially to those with non-English languages that aren't
well-supported by simply using the Compose key: has anyone tried uim
or scim?

I do a lot of Unicode (an ellipsis is NOT ..., it's …, people!) so I
value an input manager, but I don't have a particular NEED to do it to
communicate, so I'd like to get an opinion from others.

I've used scim and find it a little funkier than iBus (for example,
for me, the Unicode input method is ONLY for Unicode so you'd have to
type hex for every character, i.e. not cool). uim is a newer project
that I have yet to play with. Anyone out there try it?

Turns out Xubuntu doesn't include ANY input manager in lieu of the
problems with iBus. I feel like we probably should include something
because of how many international users we have. I would expect the
same for Xubuntu but maybe that's not the case.

Feel free to share your 2¢, 2£, or 2€ on the matter. ☺