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more testing!


Hey folks, I'd like to suggest that we work on doing more regular
testing of the dailies. Since releases for testing have come later and
later (i.e. closer to release date), I think it's imperative that we
do regular testing. I think if we do so, this will help us (as a team)
become more familiar with what paper cuts we have to deal with so we
can sort out other bugs.

Last release I didn't have complete tests for amd64 and i386, which is
unheard of. I know some of our regular testers were otherwise
occupied, but I think the more we can know what we're doing, the
easier it will be to run tests at release.

For those of you that haven't been big players in testing, please
join! There's less than 5 testcases for each image. So for amd64 and
i386, we're looking at about 20 total. There are 77 members of this
team. So all we need is 20 people to each do one testcase and we're be
done for the day. We can use this mailing list or IRC
(#lubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-quality) to coordinate.

I'd like to say I have tons of time for testing, but I don't. I'd like
to focus my efforts on ppc to keep it alive since we have so few
people to help there given the hardware is so rare.

If you guys have any comments or suggestions to further make our
efforts count as far as improving Lubuntu's quality, I'm all ears.

And if I haven't said it before, thank you for all you do ;)