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permission issues in recent vivid environments


We have had several bugs related to permissions issues starting with
the final Beta Vivid. Though it's not the earliest, I've kind of honed
in on the one originally targeted against Lubuntu Software Center as
the main bug:

This report has been targeted against two packages with different timelines:
 1. lubuntu-default-settings to be fixed before Vivid's release (to
make the workaround permanent, essentially)
 2. lxsession to be fixed after Vivid's release (to create a better
solution so we don't have to use polkit, as per the boss)

I've made several other similar reports duplicates of this bug. If
anyone knows of any others where:
 1. there are some sort of permission issues
 2. the workaround fixes it
then please file this as a dupe as well.

Thanks and keep up the hard work!

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