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Re: LXQt session at Ubuntu Online Session Thursday


Andrej N. Gritsenko schreef op 5-5-2015 om 01:57:

Just as from point of view from someone who sometimes install Lubuntu on
users machines, especially for those users who migrate from Windows. If
you plan to set Lubuntu to lxqt and abandon lxde then I would say, that
is very early to do now yet. I believe LXQt and LXDE variants of Ubuntu
should co-exist together. LXDE one for those who needs stable, reliable,
fully translated, accessible software, and LXQt one for those who wants
evolving, bleeding edge software and don't need complete localizations
and accessibility.


Lower memory usage may also be a factor for users to stay with LXDE.
Hopefully there remains in future a place for LXDE in the Ubuntu family for older PC's. (Tough a suitable alternative now is Debian 8/LXDE, requiring somewhat more effort for customization, but by default shipping with more office and graphic software).