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zenity's option to render html does not work


Hi Lubuntu testers and users,

During today's isotesting I reported a new bug:


'zenity's option to render html does not work'

Please check it, and please mark that it affects you too (if it does)!
That action will confirm the bug, and start further action.


The reason that I found it was that I 'also' tested that mkusb works in
Lubuntu Wily. It worked until a few days ago (I don't test mkusb every
day), but an update of zenity broke the ability to render html. So now
mkusb must fall back to a colourless rendering of the zenity windows.

You can try in a live or installed session of Lubuntu Wily. Use the
attached bash shellscript to test it. The result should be similar to
the attached image file.

I get the following error output:

"This option is not available. Please see --help for all possible usages."

Best regards

echo "<h1>HTML headline</h1>
Hello World" | zenity --text-info --html --filename=/dev/stdin \
--width=$(($wadd+640)) --height=$(($hadd+400)) \
--title "$btitle" \
--ok-label="Go" --cancel-label="Quit" \
--checkbox="Check this box if you are ready to go"

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