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Re: Tests


Den 2015-07-31 13:17, Phill. Whiteside skrev:
> Hi,
> this is mainly towards Walter, but I'd also appreciate everyones feed back.
> We recently split the tests for alternate ISO into 'mandatory' and
> 'optional'.
> For the desktop ISO I suggest 'madatory' has LiveCD, Entire Disk and
> Guided with anything else as 'optional'. This will bring it into line
> with alternate with the obvious mandatory check of LiveCD mode :)
> Regards,
> Phill.


I think that the manual install option "Something else" should be
mandatory. This option gives the user 'full control' of the
installation, and it is important that it works correctly.

Lubuntu Desktop:

Entire Disk
Something else

Install alongside (auto re-size)

Comment: 'Install alongside', the automatic option, is like a lottery,
you will be surprised what alternatives that are selected, if the
computer is not configured like the programmers assumed. It is made in
order to make it easy for beginners, but it has actually wiped Windows
for many of them. OK, it is debugged and better now (than last year),
but I still do not rely on this option.

Best regards

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