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Re: Duplicate applet icons for online help etc 'â' and network-manager (nm-applet)


Also in the amd64 iso (just reinstalled) there appear now the bug of two icons for network. (Plus the other bugs such as the incompatility of latest openbox with lxappearance, Abiword language settings and Volume control settings.)


Op 24-8-2015 om 19:43 schreef Nio Wiklund:
Thanks for confirming :-)

Den 2015-08-24 19:41, Henk Terhell skrev:
yes, I have made a remark on the duplicate network-icon in my
yesterday's iso test on manual partitioning i386. This was for me the
first time I noticed it.
I will try the amd64 iso, but anyway this bug is not present in the
amd64 installation I have kept updated.


Op 24-8-2015 om 19:17 schreef Nio Wiklund:

There are duplicate applet icons for online help etc 'â' and
network-manager (nm-applet) when running live from the current Lubuntu
Wily desktop i386 daily iso. I made a comment about it in the iso
testing tracker.

I have not tested Lubuntu Wily for a couple of weeks, and this is the
first time I see this bug. I don't know which package to report against.

Has anybody else noticed it? Is there already a bug report?

Best regards

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