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Re: Duplicate applet icons for online help etc 'â' and network-manager (nm-applet)


Den 2015-08-25 00:03, Henk Terhell skrev:
> Op 24-8-2015 om 23:22 schreef Phill. Whiteside:
>> Hi,
>> I only get one instance of â' and network-manager (nm-applet) using
>> wily-alternate-i386.iso dated 24th August..
>> Regards,
>> Phill.
> Weird. Also my i386 installed with iso of 2015-08-22 is now back to one
> instance of the nm-applet icon.
> Henk
Hi again,

I still have the two double icons for 'â' and the nm-applet on the
panel, when running a *live* session of the current daily iso file
(dated Aug 24, updated since my test yesterday)


lubuntu@lubuntu:/isodevice$ ls -lL lubuntu-wily-desktop-i386.iso
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 809500672 Aug 24 19:29 lubuntu-wily-desktop-i386.iso
lubuntu@lubuntu:/isodevice$ md5sum lubuntu-wily-desktop-i386.iso
24aa990dd21a8bfe67d27ae394b41723  lubuntu-wily-desktop-i386.iso

This file is oversized with a big margin too (772 Mibibytes, where 703
Mibibytes is the limit for standard CD size).

Best regards

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