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Re: Bugs 1499037 and 1488660 (lxappearance and double applets)


Thanks, Nio.

It's something I'd like to fix sometime! :D Like the Ubiquity slideshows. They should be more "release neutral" and not showing a specific version artwork.

Tack så mycket!

Rafael Laguna
Lubuntu Artwork Team

On Fri, 16 Oct, 2015 at 9:44 PM, Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi again Lubuntu developers and testers,

I can confirm Phill's and Henk's results also for the i386 desktop version.

RAM usage in my Toshiba with Intel i5 and Intel graphics (idle after
boot, checked with free -m)

live (only) ....... 192 MB
persistent live ... 212 MB, with a few tweaks started

installed ......... 173 MB, the first time (after first reboot)
installed ......... 164 MB, the second time (after next reboot)

@ Rafael: I noticed that the old wallpaper is used in the slideshow
during the installation. By the way, I like the new wallpaper :-)

Best regards

Den 2015-10-16 kl. 20:57, skrev Nio Wiklund:
 This is great news :-)

 I will download and check the i386 version.

 Best regards

 Den 2015-10-16 kl. 20:34, skrev Henk Terhell:
Confirm that both the lxappearance bug and double applet bug have gone
 on the 20151016 iso! Also the black greeter disappeared.
Bug #1434774 (empty terminal window for setting volume control) is left
 but will disappear after installing pavucontrol.
 Htop shows only 203 MB memory use of an amd64 installation after a
 reboot. Menu response of Lubuntu 15.10 is as fast as ever.


 Op 2015-10-16 om 12:47 schreef Phill. Whiteside:

 I have just 'grabbed' lxappearance-obconf from proposed (I have
proposed enabled on my bare metal machine, but not on testing MVs) I can confirm that lxappearance no longer crashes. This is a great bug
 to have gotten rid of :)

 There's no sign of an updated lxpanel in -proposed, I'm currently
 running the following:

 ii  lubuntu-lxpanel-icons                       0.56
all panel specific icons for Lubuntu artwork ii lxpanel amd64 LXDE
ii lxpanel-data all
  LXDE panel (data files)
 ii  lxpanel-indicator-applet-plugin amd64 lxpanel indicator

 Which exhibits the double applet bug.



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