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Re: questions about Maria



> Are checksums used for log pages? I did not see anything in
> ma_loghandler.c for this.
Look for TRANSLOG_PAGE_CRC and you will find.

> Can I do a hot copy/backup of a table? That is can I copy the data and
> index files while transactions may be in progress for them and then
> replay log files to recover them?
Now for moving tables you have to stop mysqld and for backup use
mysqldump. We plan hot backup driver in future versions.
> I prefer a FLUSH LOGS command that is limited to Maria not all things
> that might be considered a log in MySQL. Are there plans to provide
> more engine specific commands?
There is no other interface at the moment. and plugin can't add its own

[skipped row chwcksum question as it is not loghandler related]