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Re: XtraDB merge


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Vadim Tkachenko <vadim@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> We had talk with Monty and I am going to propose merge for MariaDB-MySQL
>> tree with InnoDB->XtraDB replacement.
>> Merge only related to InnoDB, no other changes in main MySQL  tree.
>> Is that OK ? What is the best way to do that - just merge proposal ?
> I think the best way is to do the merge in a local branch and then push it to
> a new branch on launchpad using something like
>     bzr push 'lp:~percona-dev/maria/maria-1.5-xtradb'
> Then you can activate a launchpad merge request for that branch. I don't think
> we have used the merge request feature for MariaDB yet, but it seems to work
> well for Drizzle, so we might as well try it out.

Actually, correcting myself...

You should join (or join percona-dev) to the maria-captains Launchpad group:


Then you get push rights to the main trees, and can just push it yourself
after commit and review.

 - Kristian.