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Re: [patch 01/11] Fix error report summary at end of mysql-test-run


Michael Widenius <monty@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Looked through the patch, and found only one possible thing to comment
> about:
> It lookes liked this case is handled, but from the patch/current code
> it was not trivial to be sure.
> - We run some tests, one test fails.
> - Test suite fails totally (for example timeout) for test 2
> I hope that in this case we get a clear error that not all tests are
> run (as the @tests above probably only includes the test that we did run)

Yes, this should be handled by the following code, which is run just before
the final reporting about failed tests:

  if ( @$completed != $num_tests){
    # Not all tests completed, failure
    mtr_report("Only ", int(@$completed), " of $num_tests completed.");
    mtr_error("Not all tests completed");

Good point though.

> ok to push, assuming the above is true.


 - Kristian.