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Re: [patch 02/11] Fix permissions race in mysql-test-run.pl on global port allocation semaphore file.



>>>>> "knielsen" == knielsen  <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

knielsen> The globally writable lock file for the mysql-test-run.pl port
knielsen> allocation was not always made globally writable, causing failures for
knielsen> subsequent runs by other users on the same machine.

knielsen> === modified file 'mysql-test/lib/mtr_unique.pm'
knielsen> ---
knielsen>  mysql-test/lib/mtr_unique.pm |    6 ++++--
knielsen>  1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

knielsen> Index: mysql-test/lib/mtr_unique.pm
knielsen> ===================================================================
knielsen> --- mysql-test/lib/mtr_unique.pm.orig	2009-04-07 13:40:36.000000000 +0200
knielsen> +++ mysql-test/lib/mtr_unique.pm	2009-04-07 13:42:05.000000000 +0200
knielsen> @@ -62,13 +62,14 @@ sub mtr_get_unique_id($$) {
knielsen>      die 'lock file is a symbolic link';
knielsen>    }
knielsen> -  chmod 0777, "$file.sem";
knielsen>    open SEM, ">", "$file.sem" or die "can't write to $file.sem";
knielsen> +  chmod 0777, "$file.sem";
knielsen>    flock SEM, LOCK_EX or die "can't lock $file.sem";
knielsen>    if(! -e $file) {
knielsen>      open FILE, ">", $file or die "can't create $file";
knielsen>      close FILE;
knielsen>    }
knielsen> +  chmod 0777, $file;
Would it be easier/safer to temporally set the umask for the process,
instead of doing a chmod?

That way, we don't get a problem if the
process dies between open and chmod.

That's also a way to avoid the problem that files in the 'var'
directory from the previous run can't be deleted by next user.


ok to push, but think about the above idea.