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Bzr merge order



>>>>> "Kristian" == Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kristian> I noticed a difference between Bitkeeper and Bzr merges.


Thanks for the analyse and thinking about this!

First, in Sun when we switched to bzr, we didn't care about the
difference and continued as if nothing had changed.  We did get some
extra merges but no one cared (as far as I know).

Kristian> My personal opinion is that while it would be nice to have the push history
Kristian> available like the Drizzle people do, the bzr support for this is not good
Kristian> enough, without a very tight control on who can push to main trees that we do
Kristian> not want. What one can do is when pushing, first swith to an up-to-date fresh
Kristian> clone of the main tree, pull from the local branch with own changes, then push
Kristian> that to the main tree. Maybe this is a good way, even though it cannot be
Kristian> enforced?

I think that sounds like a good way to do it, even if there is some
problems with it:

We would have to lock the main tree between the time we do the
fresh local tree' and the time we push.

Kristian> Just wanted to hear if there are any other opinions on this?

My main questions is how big the 'consolidation change set' really is.
We used mainly bzr in the mysql-maria tree and I didn't notice any
notable problems with this except that you had from time to time do
the weave merging algorithm to get things right.