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Re: bzr commit into MariaDB 5.1, with Maria 1.5:maria branch (knielsen:2706)



>>>>> "Kristian" == Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kristian> knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> #At lp:maria
>> 2706 knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	2009-05-25
>> Imported freely distributable documentation from upstream MySQL 5.1.34 source tarball.
>> added:

Kristian> This commit adds documentation files that are included in the MySQL source
Kristian> tarballs, but which are kept in a separate source code repository than the
Kristian> main server sources, and hence are currently not available in MariaDB
Kristian> releases. It includes:

Kristian> Descriptions on how to install using various methods:

Kristian>     Docs/INSTALL-BINARY
Kristian>     INSTALL-SOURCE
Kristian>     support-files/MacOSX/ReadMe.txt

Kristian> Man pages:

Kristian>     man/*.[18]

Kristian> Contents for help tables:

Kristian>     scripts/fill_help_tables.sql

Kristian> All of these are distributed under the GPL v2 license as far as I could
Kristian> determine (and I checked fairly well).

I also belive these are under GPL, so it's ok to include the above.

Kristian> It does _not_ include the MySQL manual (Docs/mysql.info) as that is not
Kristian> available under a free license (we might be able to distribute itm but not be
Kristian> allowed to update it with new MariaDB features, so not interesting for us to
Kristian> include as far as I can see).

I agree it's not clear how one can re-distribute or use the MySQL manual.

Kristian> This came up under a discussion with Arjen Lentz about making binary packages
Kristian> for MariaDB. At MySQL they have special scripts to pull these files from
Kristian> external sources, but I think it is much better to maintain them in the main
Kristian> source repository for a number of reasons.


Kristian> So I would suggest to merge this into lp:maria. However, it is something to
Kristian> warrant discussion first whether we want to do this, of course.

I think this is needed to make things easier for MariaDB users.
Especially we need this to get 'help' to work nicely from
command line clients.

Kristian> Tecknically, to merge files from newer MySQL releases I created a branch on
Kristian> Launchpad:

Kristian>     lp:~maria-captains/maria/mysql-docs-merge-base

Kristian> To merge files from MySQL 5.1.35 (when it is released), would be a matter of
Kristian> doing this:

Kristian> T=../mysql-5.1.35 ; for i in Docs/INSTALL-BINARY INSTALL-SOURCE INSTALL-WIN-SOURCE support-files/MacOSX/ReadMe.txt scripts/fill_help_tables.sql $(cd "$T" && find man -type f | grep '\.[0-9]$' | grep -v '^man/ndb_' | grep -v '^man/mysqlman.1$') ; do cp "$T/$i" $i; bzr add $i ; done

Kristian> Plus commit and push to the lp:~maria-captains/maria/mysql-docs-merge-base
Kristian> branch. Then the new files can be pulled into lp:maria from this branch. This
Kristian> procedure would work for any number of MySQL releases.

Sounds ok

Kristian> If we decide to do this, we should of course start maintaining our own
Kristian> modifications to the files in the MariaDB source tree (especially as Arjen
Kristian> tells me the information is partly out of date). The above merge procedure
Kristian> will be able to handle merging own modifications with those done by Sun/MySQL
Kristian> upstream. I think there is a good chance that we could enlist the help from
Kristian> someone in community to help maintaining such documentation (I am thinking in
Kristian> particular of the man pages and the installation instructions).

Agree.  Until we get a maintiner, I assume Daniel can start looking at

Kristian> Any opinions? Should I move forward with this?
Kristian>  - Kristian.

Yes, go forward!


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