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Re: Tungsten Replicator and MariaDB


Hi Arjen,

Thanks for the response.  I really appreciate the guidance-are these patches to your knowledge already in the current 5.4 builds?  We have not done any work yet to accommodate 5.4 format changes.  I need to check these as it's our policy to try to support over time a reasonably complete set of the MySQL builds, up to and including significant variants like Drizzle.

We would also gladly post file announcements on ourdelta.org. We can also add your builds to the list of MySQL builds against which we certify.  As long as there are no unexpected binlog changes it should be pretty straightforward.

Cheers, Robert

On 6/11/09 4:24 PM PDT, "Arjen Lentz" <arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Robert

On 12/06/2009, at 1:45 AM, Robert Hodges wrote:
> This is a heads-up that we are actively testing Tungsten Replicator
> against the latest MariaDB build and hope to complete initial
> certification this week.  So far there are no problems.  We are also
> going to add a feature to use Maria for our catalog tables instead
> of InnoDB.  Tungsten Replicator builds are GPL V2, by the way.
> This brings up a question for the Maria dev team-what are your
> plans, if any, for replication support in MariaDB?  In particular,
> are there any plans that would affect binlog formats?

I'd expect the patches for binlog checksums and global transaction
IDs; but you'll be adding those in for 5.4 anyway.

> P.s., I don't see a location on AskMonty.org to post builds for
> related products.  Any hints where to go?  We would like to post our
> open source offerings in a location that is easy for MariaDB users
> to find.

Files or announcements/links?
ourdelta.org could do some of it.

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