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Re: Tungsten Replicator and MariaDB


Hi all, 

I would like to post a clarification as my first message may have created
some unintended confusion.  We are working with Monty and Ethan O¹Rafferty
to figure out how to work together on our respective releases, which
includes where to post them.   So my question at the end is not relevant for
this list. 

The other question about replication features still is a relevant question.
I'll follow up on the other replies.

Cheers, Robert 

On 6/11/09 8:45 AM PDT, "Robert Hodges" <robert.hodges@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi All, 
> This is a heads-up that we are actively testing Tungsten Replicator against
> the latest MariaDB build and hope to complete initial certification this week.
> So far there are no problems.  We are also going to add a feature to use Maria
> for our catalog tables instead of InnoDB.  Tungsten Replicator builds are GPL
> V2, by the way. 
> This brings up a question for the Maria dev team<what are your plans, if any,
> for replication support in MariaDB?  In particular, are there any plans that
> would affect binlog formats?
> Thanks, Robert 
> P.s., I don¹t see a location on AskMonty.org to post builds for related
> products.  Any hints where to go?  We would like to post our open source
> offerings in a location that is easy for MariaDB users to find.

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