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Re: Bug tracker for MariaDB


On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 05:01:56PM -0500, Bryan Alsdorf wrote:
> I am in the process of setting up Eventum as the bug tracker at Monty 
> Program AB to track bugs in MariaDB. I would like input on the values we 
> need for the following fields:
> * Status
> * Category
> * Operating Systems

historically have found it really hard in the mysql bug tracker to do
reasonable searches on OS. Especially if something is Linux 2.4 specific
or Linux 2.6 specific.

So there could be a difference between "observed on" and "affects".

e.g. bug could be found on Linux 2.4.18 but affects all of 2.4 series
and none of 2.6 (think O_DIRECT :)

> Also please suggest any additional fields you think should be in this 
> system. The current fields I have are:
> * Summary
> * Severity
> * Category
> * Status
> * Operating System
> * Description
> * How to Repeat
> * Suggested Fix
> * Product
> * Product Version
> * BZR Tree (URL to relevant tree with bug fix or that illustrates the

launchpad can have several branches linked to the one bug - a useful
feature sometimees.

it also lets you link to other bug trackers.

could be useful here too - linking back to MySQL bug tracker or Drizzle
bug tracker (launchpad).

Stewart Smith