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Bug tracker for MariaDB



I am in the process of setting up Eventum as the bug tracker at Monty Program AB to track bugs in MariaDB. I would like input on the values we need for the following fields:
* Status
* Category
* Operating Systems

Also please suggest any additional fields you think should be in this system. The current fields I have are:
* Summary
* Severity
* Category
* Status
* Operating System
* Description
* How to Repeat
* Suggested Fix
* Product
* Product Version
* BZR Tree (URL to relevant tree with bug fix or that illustrates the problem)

Some of these fields (and my current values for them) are inspired by bugs.mysql.com. However, since we are setting up a brand new system we should try make it fit our needs instead of doing what others are doing.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated, once I finish the initial setup I will get a test site up for everyone to look over.

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Lead Web Developer
Monty Program, AB. http://askmonty.org

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