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Storage Engine API changes


So, I've been making a fair bit of changes around bits of the storage
engine API (by all accounts for the better) in Drizzle.

The idea being to move the handler to be a cursor on a table, with
actions not pertaining that to reside in StorageEngine (e.g. DDL).

There's also the (now rather old) change to drop table return code.

The next thing that will move into the StorageEngine is metadata
handling with the engine being able to be responsible for its own
(table) metadata.

This is well and truly increasing the differences between MySQL/MariaDB
and Drizzle in this area of code - increasing the work needed to port an
engine (either way).

I would guess it makes little sense for MySQL and MariaDB to diverge
here, although I have been (and continue to be) okay with Drizzle

So, is there somebody interested in working with me to have the
MySQL/MariaDB API evolve in the same way?

Stewart Smith

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