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Re: Storage Engine API changes


Hi Stewart,

Stewart Smith wrote:
> The idea being to move the handler to be a cursor on a table, with
> actions not pertaining that to reside in StorageEngine (e.g. DDL).
That sounds like an interesting Idea. This would though involve quite a
few changes. Would the curser then still be row based? Or might you
convert to a more column oriented way?
> There's also the (now rather old) change to drop table return code.
> The next thing that will move into the StorageEngine is metadata
> handling with the engine being able to be responsible for its own
> (table) metadata.
That would be wonderful. Does the Meta data include statistics on the
table (e.g. selectivity estimates etc) that would be needed for the
optimizers cost model?
> So, is there somebody interested in working with me to have the
> MySQL/MariaDB API evolve in the same way?
Is there a targeted MySQL version for this?


Peter Benjamin Volk

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