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Documentation for new features in MariaDB


We are starting to add new features to MariaDB (that are not in MySQL),
including user-visible features.

I think we need to decide now how we will handle keeping documentation for
these new features.

There is an open issue about the MySQL documentation being non-free, and
whether we can do anything about it. But until this is resolved, on way or the
other, we still need somewhere to write documentation.

I think it is mainly about setting up a repository somewhere and start adding
text. The important thing now is to get the content there, the presentation
can be enhanced later. So we would have a manual "differences between MariaDB
and MySQL" or something. If we have the content we can use it later in
whatever form we need, if we omit adding the content now it is going to be
really hard to figure out everything that's missing in a year or two.

Daniel, any suggestions for what format to use? Can we use the same format as
the MySQL documentation (is it docbook or something, can't remember)?

Also, until we get procedures like at MySQL/Sun for a documentation team that
ensures all features and bug fixes get documented, I think it is the
responsibility of each developer that documentation gets added in the right
place. I would really like to see us keeping the up the standard that
everything in MySQL (now MariaDB) is documented.

 - Kristian.

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