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Re: MWL#39 improving mysqlbinlog output and doing rename


Michael Widenius <monty@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> Note that it would also be very nice to have in the binlog the exact
>>> original statement:
> Kristian> Yes. There was actually a customer request for this.
> Kristian> I think for this we would actually need a new binlog event type
> Kristian> (Comment_log_event?). Unless we want to log an empty statement Query_log_event
> Kristian> containing only a comment (a bit of a hack).
> I don't think it would be hard to add a tag to the row-binlog-event to
> add the original statement in such a way that it would be backward
> compatible.  Someone should dig into the protocol spec to see if that
> would be possible.

A Statement is logged in RBR as one or more Table_map_log_events, followed by
one or more {Write,Update,Delete}_rows_log_event. So candidates would be the
first (or last) map event, or the first row event. But the event format really
is not very extensible (I checked the code), so not trivial to make backwards

Anyway, it should be possible, new event or squeeze into existing, whatever
works best.

> Kristian> BINLOG
> Kristian> TABLE db1.table1 AS 1 COLUMNS (INT NOT NULL, BLOB, VARCHAR(100)) FLAGS 0x0
> Kristian> TABLE db2.table2 AS 2 COLUMNS (CHAR(10)) FLAGS 0x0
> Kristian> WRITE_ROW INTO db1.table1(1,3) VALUES (42, 'foobar'), (10, NULL) FLAGS 0x2
> Kristian> UPDATE_ROW INTO db2.table2 (1) (1) VALUES FROM ('beforeval') TO ('toval'),
> Kristian> FROM ('a') TO ('b') FLAGS 0x0
> Kristian> DELETE_ROW INTO db2.table2 (1) VALUES ('row_to_delete') FLAGS 0x0;
> Kristian> This is basically a dump of what is stored in the events, and would be an
> Kristian> alternative to BINLOG 'gwWEShMBAA...'.

>>> The above would be a much better option than using the current syntax.

> After some thinking, my biggest problem with the above is that we
> would have to keep the syntax up to date and extend it for every new
> addition Sun makes to the binary log.  Over time that may become a big
> task in itself.

Yes, my main concern too.

Though I don't think there will be much addition to the format, as this would
in any case break forwards/backwards compatibility in replication. But still a
valid concern.

> The problem with AWK is that it doesn't work in the general case; For
> the general case to work, they would need to parse the statements into
> token and ensure that they only modify things like the database
> reference.

Yes, using awk (or whatever) is quite fragile (though still useful in many

For databases mysqlbinlog can do better, and for tables in RBR, as the names
are directly available in the binlog format.

For tables in SBR, or type of statement (ALTER/ANALYZE/etc.), mysqlbinlog can
do slightly better since it knows where the statement begins, but it still has
to rely on some kind of parsing.

So conclusion: it is preferable to have 100% reliable database/table/statement
filtering than having to rely on fragile awk-like post-processing.

Thanks for the input!

 - Kristian.