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Re: Rev 2721: Merge xtradb-7 -> MariaDB in file:///home/psergey/bzr-new/mysql-5.1-maria-contd2/


Sergey Petrunya <psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> At file:///home/psergey/bzr-new/mysql-5.1-maria-contd2/
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> revno: 2721
> revision-id: psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20090908160458-fglojzacu8inqb9q
> parent: psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20090907205010-tnvi4bomzq2b1eut
> parent: aleksandr.kuzminsky@xxxxxxxxxxx-20090810223610-ssatw3bi8t3ggr5z
> committer: Sergey Petrunya <psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> branch nick: mysql-5.1-maria-contd2
> timestamp: Tue 2009-09-08 20:04:58 +0400
> message:
>   Merge xtradb-7 -> MariaDB
> added:
>   mysql-test.percona/            mysqltest-20081201061010-zymrrwrczns2vrex-27
>   mysql-test/patches/            patches-20081203050234-edoolglm28lyejuc-13
>   mysql-test/patches/events_stress.diff events_stress.diff-20090908160024-tii87qp66sk04a00-1
>   mysql-test/patches/information_schema.diff information_schema.d-20090908160027-1rc1imife37xem2d-1
>   mysql-test/patches/information_schema_db.diff information_schema_d-20090908160031-m7v1n1g41r1cfhif-1
>   mysql-test/patches/mysqlshow.diff mysqlshow.diff-20090908160036-0vxq2kivbnbugp6g-1

Actually, this is a mistake. The XtraDB patches/ directory must not occur anywhere in
the MariaDB source tree.

Instead, any changes in these .diff files must be manually applied to the
corresponding files in mysql-test/. It looks like this is already done in the
current merge.

But we also need to delete these files (and the mysql-test/patches/ directory)
from the MariaDB tree. Otherwise, the next time we merge from XtraDB where
there is a change in one of these files, the change may silently automerge,
and it will be forgotten in the merge.

 - Kristian.