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Re: Rev 2726: Exclude innodb_plugin form MariaDB's max and max-no-ndb configurations and in file:///home/psergey/bzr-new/mysql-5.1-maria-contd3/


Hi Sergey,

Attached patch fixes two more failures in the merge as seen in Buildbot.

The main.innodb failures are two different issues. One I already fixed in
another place in XtraDB, I added a comment to explain better. The other looks
like a merge error, the result file was changed in the merge but the output of
the test did not change.

The main.bug46080 failure is really due to a poor test case. It checks that an
out-of-memory condition does not crash the server, but it does so poorly using
--safemalloc-mem-limit=4000000. This requires all kinds of assumptions about
how much memory is actually used. MariaDB uses more memory (due to the Maria
storage engine I assume). I increased the value to something reasonable for
Maria that should still trigger the out-of-memory condition. The better fix
would be to re-write the test case to use error injection.

 - Kristian.

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