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Rewrite of the free documentation to make it about MariaDB, not MySQL



I glanced through some of the commits today and noticed Kristian
committing the new version of MySQL 5.1.38 documentation (man pages
and other free docs).

The docs seem to include lots of references to where you can download
MySQL rpm's, where you can buy MySQL support, Suns support lifecycle
policies, etc. As part of your documentation work, could you be in
touch with Kristian and find out how you could help in cleaning that
up. Meaning: Either remove such sections, or replace with relevant
MariaDB information.

While at it, I'd like to review the Readme file of MariaDB. Could you
help me with that (ie extract it from bzr and work with me to rewrite
it - so that I can just participate by email).

The Readme file we should fix before GA release. The other docs are
only semi-urgent.


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www:   www.avoinelama.fi/~hingo
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