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Re: Rewrite of the free documentation to make it about MariaDB, not MySQL


On Wed, 16 Sep 2009 22:17:56 +0300, Henrik Ingo
<henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Henrik> Daniel
Henrik> I glanced through some of the commits today and noticed Kristian
Henrik> committing the new version of MySQL 5.1.38 documentation (man
Henrik> pages and other free docs).
Henrik> The docs seem to include lots of references to where you can
Henrik> download MySQL rpm's, where you can buy MySQL support, Suns
Henrik> support lifecycle policies, etc. As part of your documentation
Henrik> work, could you be in touch with Kristian and find out how you
Henrik> could help in cleaning that up. Meaning: Either remove such
Henrik> sections, or replace with relevant MariaDB information.

I've now pulled lp:~maria-captains/maria/maria-5.1-merge and I'll take a
look at the docs over the next few days and work with Kristian on
getting the changes merged in.

Henrik> While at it, I'd like to review the Readme file of MariaDB.
Henrik> Could you help me with that (ie extract it from bzr and work
Henrik> with me to rewrite it - so that I can just participate by
Henrik> email).

The lp:~maria-captains/maria/maria-5.1-merge README contains the entire
text of the lp:maria README plus a bunch of other stuff, including
notices for various pieces of included software and the licenses those
pieces of code use. Most of these notices are fairly short, but some
are quite long (in the case of innochecksum.c, the entire text of the
GPLv2 is included). I don't know if all of these notices are needed.

If there are any of these notices which can be removed, it would
simplify the README. In the case of innochecksum.c in particular, if
that notice is needed I think it would be better if we just point
people to the COPYING file, which contains the GPLv2 text instead of
putting a complete copy of GPLv2 in the README file.

To get things started, I've attached the two README files (named so you
know which branch they come from). The additions are pretty easy to
spot by just viewing the files side-by-side, even easier with a
graphical diff viewer like meld.

Henrik> The Readme file we should fix before GA release. The other docs
Henrik> are only semi-urgent.


Daniel Bartholomew

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