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Re: Windows installer kick-off



>>>>> "Vladislav" == Vladislav Vaintroub <wlad@xxxxxxx> writes:

Vladislav> Hi,
Vladislav> I noticed there is a lot of activity around installer right now.  There are
Vladislav> couple of things in the Sun/MySQL installer that I believe were done wrong.
Vladislav> I thought it is a good idea to point to some mistakes in MySQL and  share
Vladislav> thoughts on what can be done better in MariaDB.


Vladislav> Re. ConfigWizard, I do not know.  MySQL's one has a nice UI, but the
Vladislav> functionality is really very basic. Maybe it just makes sense not to ask
Vladislav> user at all, set reasonable defaults and allow people to edit config file
Vladislav> afterwards (this would already make MariaDB much friendly towards users than
Vladislav> Sun/MySQL installation.  Personally, I'd be happy even if generated my.cnf
Vladislav> would contain the bare minimum required mysqld to run( datadir and basedir),
Vladislav> nothing else.

I would like to at least have one question:

- Can we allocate all resources on this machine to MariaDB?
  (This is good when running benchmarks or setting up a dedicated
  server that only runs MariadB).

Vladislav> Lastly, it would be cool, if Maria had a native mysql_install_db on Windows
Vladislav> .Batch wrapper around JScript, VBScript, command line executable, whatever,
Vladislav> just no bash and no perl please ;)It should do  a bit more than on Unix, i.e
Vladislav> create a minimalistic my.cnf and register the new service.  As the things
Vladislav> stand today, currently with Windows there is no documented way for people to
Vladislav> create a non-default mysql instance, except copying the directory which
Vladislav> comes with installation (and after user tables are created, the directory it
Vladislav> is not very usable anymore). And this is pretty ugly. And yes, the new
Vladislav> mysql_install_db.bat can/should can be integrated into the installer . It
Vladislav> obsoletes then the build-time  "cross-bootstrap", where mysql_install_db
Vladislav> that runs on Unix with a single purpose is to generate initial database to
Vladislav> be used inside Windows zip and installer.

Agree about mysql_install_db.

I don't see any reason why we couldn't create a .bat script that could
do what mysql_install_db does.

Thanks a lot for the comments!

Vladislav> Vladislav.

Vladislav> PS: Don't know whether it is interesting for MariaDB, but I just noticed
Vladislav> that a high profile MS-installer guru and an open-source friendly guy is
Vladislav> offering his consulting services. 
Vladislav> http://robmensching.com/ 

Vladislav> It is Rob Mensching, the author of Wix toolkit, the first and one of the
Vladislav> most widely known Open Source products by Microsoft. If I understood
Vladislav> correctly, his main job is still at Microsoft in Office installer team , and
Vladislav> he is doing consulting in his free time. Disclaimer: I do not know him
Vladislav> personally, (but if I used WiX  back in the days)  so it is not a shameless
Vladislav> plug:) But I really believe that if someone like him helps with installer,
Vladislav> then the result would be good:) It might make sense to get in touch.

Thanks for this suggestion too!


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