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Re: Windows installer kick-off


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> Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 12:03 PM
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> Subject: Re: [Maria-developers] Windows installer kick-off

> I would like to at least have one question:
> - Can we allocate all resources on this machine to MariaDB?
>   (This is good when running benchmarks or setting up a dedicated
>   server that only runs MariadB).

I believe this is not going to be too easy as an automated installer task.
The problem here is that MariaDB like MySQL has different engines and these
storage engines all got different performance knobs - buffer pool sizes and
the like. Thus, many server variables depend on the amount of RAM you want
to give to the instance (which might be say 70% or the whole RAM on the box
for the dedicated server scenario) and additionally they depend on the
default storage engine.

How config wizard handles that:

ConfigWizard uses a template similar to those small.ini, huge.ini, but
instead of hardcoding the numbers for buffer sizes, calculates them using
user input.
Default engine is determined by workload type like Decision support or OLTP,
amount of RAM for the instance is determined by  installation type
(dedicated server/developers machine). Other parameters are merely derived
from those 2.
Just to give an idea what template fragment might look like (do not have
sources now so the syntax is defintitely wrong, but should be ok for
illustration purposes).

#!if $default_engine == innodb

This config template thus turns out to be a script with own syntax.
ConfigWizard interprets it and outputs the final my.cnf.

Now, repeating what ConfigWizard does, might be bit overhead for version 1
installer in MariaDB.  Not that it cannot be done, it can and tools could be
chosen more appropriately, maybe some windows-native scripting language
(JScript?). But, as already said, it is not going to be all too easy.

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