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[Merge] lp:~atcurtis/maria/maria-5.1-const.part1 into lp:maria



>>>>> "Antony" == Antony T Curtis <Antony> writes:

Antony> Antony T Curtis has proposed merging lp:~atcurtis/maria/maria-5.1-const.part1 into lp:maria.
Antony>     Requested reviews:
Antony>     Maria-captains (maria-captains)

Antony> declare all constant structures in strings/* as 'const'.
Antony> This is less ambitious than previous request.

Thanks for doing this in small steps!

Antony> === modified file 'strings/ctype-uca.c'

Antony> @@ -7838,7 +7837,7 @@
Antony>    uchar   *newlengths;
Antony>    uint16 **newweights;
Antony>    const uchar *deflengths= uca_length;
Antony> -  uint16     **defweights= uca_weight;
Antony> +  const uint16 *const *defweights= uca_weight;
Antony>    int rc, i;
Antony>    int ncontractions= 0;
Antony> @@ -7928,11 +7927,11 @@
Antony>    for (i= 0; i < 256 ; i++)
Antony>    {
Antony>      if (!newweights[i])
Antony> -      newweights[i]= defweights[i];
Antony> +      ((const uint16**) newweights)[i]= defweights[i];
Antony>    }
Antony>    cs->sort_order= newlengths;
Antony> -  cs->sort_order_big= newweights;
Antony> +  cs->sort_order_big= (const uint16**) newweights;
Antony>    cs->contractions= NULL;
Can you explain why the last cast is needed ?
Shouldn't you be able to assign a non const variable to a const member
without a cast?

Otherwise the patch looks good to me and it would be ok to include
this in MariaDB 5.2.

I assume that the 5.1-const tree doesn't include anything else than
this patch ?


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