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Re: lp:~atcurtis/maria/maria-5.1-const.part1 into lp:maria



On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 07:35:29PM -0000, Antony T Curtis wrote:
> Antony T Curtis has proposed merging lp:~atcurtis/maria/maria-5.1-const into
> lp:maria.
>     Requested reviews:
>     Maria-captains (maria-captains)
> Makes CHARSET_INFO a const structure.
> Allows compilers to make better choices.

1. Is there any evidence that there exist compilers that will actually be 
   able to produce binaries that will have statistically meaningful speedup
   after this change?

2. Alternatively, can you point to a bug which did exist but wouldn't have
   existed if 'const' was used from start?

If the measurements for #1 were not done, I'd request them to be done before
this change is pushed. We'll make use of the results of the measurements by

- boasting on the changelog how much MariaDB just became faster, or

- refusing subsequent "s/Foo/const Foo/g" patches on the grounds that they 
  don't bring any improvements while make the merges with mainlone more 
  difficult. (this one can be probably put in since it's there already).

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