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Re: request for comment: OQGRAPH in 5.1 packages


On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 3:37 PM, Arjen Lentz <arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I also appreciate the comments made by for instance Hakan, who feels that
> once a tree is in its beta phase, no new code (not even non-loaded plugins)
> should be added.
> While those plugins would not be installed by default, they'd still be quite
> present. So this is a perfectly valid position to take.
> Since we're building packages, it's possible to make say a mariadb-xxxx
> package that contains just the plugin xxxx.
> In that scenario, it does not actually matter whether the plugin comes from
> the mariadb tree or not, it would be compiled against it anyway.
> To make this decently workable, we need to sort out the "need an entire
> mariadb source tree to build the plugin" problem.

> Now to return to the original trail, perhaps Hakan would be ok with plugins
> being in separate packages, then there is no chance someone could have code
> installed that is not necessarily production ready, if they haven't
> explicitly chosen to install it.
> The problem I'm trying to resolve here is still essentially the PBXT issue.
> It's really important that new plugins get tested so they can feedback and
> bugreports, and that only happens if they're available in easy binary form.
> However, having them available for the current production version (or
> anything >= beta) as well as alpha stage versions, is important. The cycle
> from alpha to final is still sufficiently long that this will hinder the
> development cycle of new plugins. So, if we can agree on a way that allows
> new plugins to become available in binary form to beta or even final
> versions of MariaDB, I think that would be a great win and really invigorate
> the plugin ecosystem.
> Hakan, what do you reckon?

Just to throw another idea out there, we've had talks about
re-introducing something like mariadb-max packaging. The idea would be
that a basic mariadb install should not only be stable, but for most
people should be reasonably small. Having a separate package that then
includes more engines and other plugins, would allow users to choose
to stick with just the standard package, or the -max package as they

I think even InnoDB was first introduced in mysql-max binaries (?), so
it is not a bad precedent to follow.

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