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Re: request for comment: OQGRAPH in 5.1 packages


Hi Henrik

On 05/11/2009, at 11:44 PM, Henrik Ingo wrote:
Just to throw another idea out there, we've had talks about
re-introducing something like mariadb-max packaging. The idea would be
that a basic mariadb install should not only be stable, but for most
people should be reasonably small. Having a separate package that then
includes more engines and other plugins, would allow users to choose
to stick with just the standard package, or the -max package as they

Interesting idea! some notes below

I think even InnoDB was first introduced in mysql-max binaries (?), so
it is not a bad precedent to follow.

Yes it was, however to the present day people still believe that MySQL 3.23 and 4.0 did not have InnoDB. And of course later the MaxDB (aka SAP DB) confusion was added to that. A giant fail in product clarity.

Currently, the builds are all actually -max. So they would have to be modified to be "standard" so we can add new things to -max, or we create a new "bleeding edge" group. Antony was commenting to me the other day how it was a pity that his nice architecture for plugin groups had never been utilised beyond -max!

In the OurDelta 5.0 builds we have a -sail build (aka sailing close to the wind) which admittedly is not particularly descriptive, but neither does it cause confusion. If people don't know they won't use it, and if they do know they use it when they want. The -sail build simply has a few more patches on top of the basic set. This includes some experimental InnoDB patches from Yasufumi, and now also OQGRAPH. It's a nice way to introduce new code without disrupting existing stability for those who prefer that.

So yes, conceptually we could do something similar with MariaDB, but we need different naming. The -max thing is polluted. But, if we're only adding additional plugins, it does not need to be a different main package, but simply an "extra" package that people can install optionally. It has the same effect as my suggested mariadb- pluginname packaging, except it's a big bundle instead of all separate.

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