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Re: Test failures in PBXT after merging with MySQL-5.1.41


Hi Kristian,

apart from the error mentioned by Paul it looks like the rest of test results just need update. SHOW GRANTS needs resultset ordering.


Kristian Nielsen wrote:
Hi Paul, Vladimir,

We are working on merging latest MySQL (5.1.41) into MariaDB.

After the merge, I see some test failures in the PBXT test suite. See here:


Or if you prefer, see here for a search for these failures in the build
history database:


From a quick look, it seems to me most/all of these are just the need to
adjust result files for changes/bugfixes in MySQL. But before spending time on
fixing, I though it was better to coordinate with you, to not duplicate

So perhaps you already did the similar changes for the PBXT testsuite against
MySQL 5.1.41? Is there maybe a newer version of PBXT that we should merge?

Or alternatively, do you want me to fix the testsuite, and then send you a
patch for merging into PBXT to update to 5.1.41?

 - Kristian.

Best Regards,