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Re: Test failures in PBXT after merging with MySQL-5.1.41


Paul McCullagh <paul.mccullagh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> You are welcome to make the changes to the PBXT tests. For the PBXT
> trunk we are still using 5.1.35 for testing, but this should not be a
> problem.

Ok, will do, I will send you a link to the patch/commit.

> I had a look, and the only failure that is a bit odd is: pbxt.subselect
> mysqltest: At line 34: query 'SELECT 1 FROM (SELECT 1) a PROCEDURE
> ANALYSE((SELECT 1))' failed with wrong errno 1108: 'Incorrect
> parameters to procedure 'ANALYSE'', instead of 1221...
> Looks like NALYSE((SELECT 1)) is no longer possible.

I think this is due to the fix for this bug:


So it should be ok, I think I had the same issue for XtraDB tests.

> I am currently updating the PBXT version in MariaDB to 1.0.09 (RC3). I
> will propose a merge for this shortly.

Ok, excellent!


 - Kristian.

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