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2PC between two engines + binlog


Hi Hakan, all

With PBXT and the latest merge, this should now technically be enabled (again). That is, a transaction should be consistent between InnoDB+PBXT +binlog, that is either all or none should commit.

But as I understand, when this was last tried with Falcon it went kaboom in MySQL, so likely there are some bugs. I think it would be good to at least create/enable some tests for this, then we can see what the exact code status is, and hopefully get it all working as well.

Right now I don't think anybody really expects something like this to work, but in theory it should work so presumptions *may* be made (I know this sentence appears kinda contradictory, hope it makes sense anyhow ;-). Thus it's important for us to know what happens, so that we can tell people "don't do this now, please track bug #", or "please try this".


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