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We need instructions for manually installing .deb


Hi Daniel,

We really need to put some instructions prominently on the download page for
installing the .debs.

I have seen users having big problems installing them. Just something like
`dpkg --install *.deb` does not work at all :-(

I actually had to spend like 15 minutes sorting out exactly how to install it,
many users would have given up.

Here are the commands that I found will work on Debian 5 amd64 (hopefully
other .deb distros will be similar):

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install libdbi-perl libdbd-mysql-perl psmisc
    sudo dpkg --install mysql-common_5.1.42-mariadb73_all.deb
    sudo dpkg --install libmariadbclient16_5.1.42-mariadb73_amd64.deb libmysqlclient16_5.1.42-mariadb73_amd64.deb mariadb-client_5.1.42-mariadb73_all.deb mariadb-client-5.1_5.1.42-mariadb73_amd64.deb mariadb-server_5.1.42-mariadb73_all.deb mariadb-server-5.1_5.1.42-mariadb73_amd64.deb

Also, as soon as OurDelta has the 5.1.42 repositories up, we need a strong
warning against manually installing the .debs, strongly suggesting the
OurDelta repositories instead, as it will work much better for users.
(With the repositories, just `apt-get install mariadb-server` will work, as
will the Synaptic package manager GUI).

I hope you will be able to sort out some instructions, else ask me and I will
try to help.

This is made somewhat more urgent since after FOSDEM a number of people will
probably want to try out the .debs ASAP, as we advertised them ...

 - Kristian.

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