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Re: We Are Allowed To Add No More Than Two New Log Events :)



>>>>> "Alexi" == Alexi  <Alexi1952> writes:

Alexi> Hi Monty,
Alexi> I found out why MySQL/Sun generously allowed to add new
Alexi> log events starting only from number 196. 

Alexi> How many log events with numbers >= 196 can be added?
Alexi> Only TWO !!!

Alexi> Indeed, each event must have post header length <= 254 because
Alexi> this length must be saved in the uchar post_header_len[] array
Alexi> (the value 255 is reserved as the "undefined" length value).

Alexi> Now, the post header of the Format description event has
Alexi> the length = number_of_events + 57. Hence max number of
Alexi> possible events in MySQL is 254 - 57 = 197.

Alexi> Funny :)

I am 100 % sure that the person I talked with didn't know/think about

So, lets then use events starting from 128+32; I will talk with the
person again and verify this.