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LOCK_plugin in pbxt_init()



Paul, I was backporting libservices to MariaDB, and with a related
test case found a bug in MariaDB - mutexes were locked in the wrong
order. I've fixed that some time ago in mysql-next, so I took the fix
from there - the fix was to not lock LOCK_plugin over the plugin
initialization code. After that pbxt started crashing here:

#if MYSQL_VERSION_ID < 60014

as it was unlocking the mutex that was not locked.
For now I simply commented out your locking/unlocking of this mutex in
the MariaDB tree. But probably you may want a better fix, may be even
your FREERER-HANG problem will go away too ?

I've submitted http://bugs.mysql.com/51591 hopefully it will be fixed in
MySQL too.


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