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WL enhancements



That's a rough list of enhancement ideas for worklog.
Some of them I'm going to do (but not all).
Feel free to suggest more or "get rid of WL, use X instead",
just don't forget the "because of" part.

  report: easy to do tasks
    make it to provide a list of "low-handing fruits", tasks that
    could be done relatively easily and without prior extensive MySQL
    source knowledge. For community members that want to help.

  report: who's doing what NOW
    that's pretty obvious

  report: tasks for specific version, roadmap
    worklog kind of does it now, mostly listed for

  ability to remove hours
    Somebody mentioned that a number of hours could be
    increased by mistake, and there should be a way to decrease
    is back. I'm not convinced it's a good idea, though.

  generate weekly report templates
    to reduce the need for double or tripple reporting. WL generates a
    weekly report for a developer, based on its data, and sends it to
    this developer. The developer in question can edit it and sent to
    reports@, or copy-paste from it, or filter it out and ignore

  private tasks and categories
    There should be a way to have private categories and tasks in WL.
    this includes fixing "private" field in WL tasks.

  distingushing between employees and users
    for many tasks from the above WL needs to distinguish between MPAB
    employees and other registered users.

  better search
    Sanja seems to be unhappy with WL search

  make it more readable for novice wl readers
    no big redesign or anything, though. but I think that moving task
    description up and, say, attached files and estimated number of
    hours down could help somewhat.

  not editable unless authenticated
    that's more a bug than a new feature. no changes in tasks should be
    allowed unless a user is authenticated.

  subscribe w/o authentication
    but perhaps we may want to allow users to subscribe to tasks w/o
    being authenticated ? I'm not going to do that, though.

  embeddable views
    a couple of pages that could be easily inserted (iframe-ed ?) into
    other pages without disrupting the design too much. Mainly "roadmap"
    and "easy tasks" reports, but also "WL of the day" too.

"WL of the day" - it's a new crazy idea, I wanted to discuss.
Basically, that's a small block somewhere on the main page that shows a
randomly (?) selected WL task - only the description (or a part of it),
a link to a full task page, and voting controls (useless... very important).


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