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Re: WL enhancements


On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Sergei Golubchik <sergii@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Feel free to suggest more or "get rid of WL, use X instead",

Just to update you on discussion we've had last August (I think).

Our, or at least my, current thinking is that worklog is currently
used as a "default" option since it is the tool that everyone is
familiar with from MySQL. However, eventually we may spend some time
on comparing worklog and other tools, especially launchpad blueprints.
This means that small fixes to WL are ok, but before doing a lot of
wok we should have the discussion "what do we really want to use long

> just don't forget the "because of" part.

The points in favor of launchpad would be
 + nice user interface
 + integration between bzr, bugs, blueprints... (if one uses lp for
all of this!)
 + widely used/known (you should always use popular open source tools
rather than writing your own)
Against launchpad:
 - usually it is always too simple for our needs (at least bugs part).
Needs investigation on how easy it is to extend and whether Canonical
is actually responsive to outside developed features.

The points in favor of worklog would be
 + We currently use it for basic project management tasks like
counting hours per project. This would have to be implemented as
launchpad extension or by separate software if not using worklog.
 + In principle supports Scrum oriented working mode (which we don't use atm)
Against worklog:
 - Needs nicer ui and also better usability. Some of your items below
actually improve it here (such as better search)


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