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Re: options for CREATE TABLE (MWL#43)



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11 марта 2010, в 12:30, Sergei Golubchik написал(а):

Hi, Sanja!

Here's the review, below:


1. please, store options together with the objects they describe, not

.frm file is not the place I can stuck where I want, IMHO one extension as it stored now only the way to keep .frm compatible.

2. Unknown option should be an error by default.
3. use something my_getopt-like as we discussed, don't force every
  engine to parse its options

Above is exactly against Monty's expectations (I remember old discussion, as far as I remember my_getopt-like idea was rejected at the end, about error messages it can be done for creation, but for alter table we agreed to have warnings).

5. don't check for changed options in alter table with your
  check_if_incompatible_data. let the engine do that.

Do you mean additional call to engine?

7. parser: make the equal sign optional
8. few existing options, like row_format, insert_method, checksum,
  delay_key_write, key_block_size, min_rows/max_rows, avg_row_length,
tablespace, connection, pack_keys could be moved into storage engines
  out of the parser.

In some cases options goes without coma, there is 3 word option DATA DIRECTORY <value>, INDEX DIRECTORY <value> so I can't imagine how to move the existing options to engine and make equal sign optional.