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Re: Summit on the MySQL Ecosystem



>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Aker <brian@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Brian> Hi!
Brian> For the last six years I have been running summits at the conference  
Brian> to discuss timely issues and matters for the mysql ecosystem. Unlike  
Brian> previous years where we have spent our Friday's at Google, this year  
Brian> we will be doing the event on Thursday morning from 10:30 am to 3:30  
Brian> PM at the conference and Tim O'Reilly has agreed to cohost.

Brian> A few topics that a number of you have floated up for this year:

Brian> - A better understanding of where the different trees are.
Brian> - How does MySQL technology need to evolve in response to the cloud  
Brian> paradigm?  To nosql?
Brian> - Are there tools that we need to add for managing DATA, not just  
Brian> databases.
Brian> - What sorts of opportunities exist for co-operation.
Brian> - How do we grow the ecosystem?
Brian> - Better ways to communicate, and who is leading what fork/distribution.
Brian> - How do we keep the ecosystem from splintering?

Brian> If you are interested please reply to me by April 7th so that I can be  
Brian> sure that we have enough space to accommodate everyone. If you have  
Brian> any additional topics you would like to see covered, please send them  
Brian> to me.

Brian> I am looking forward to seeing each of you at the conference!

Brian> Cheers,
Brian> 	-Brian

Brian> BTW if you have additional names or people to suggest, please email me  
Brian> so that I can invite them.

You can expect to see a lot of people from the Monty Program AB there.
(Count on 6-10 people).


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