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Re: OQGraph?


Hi Kristian

On 26/03/2010, at 7:13 PM, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
I wanted to see if there was something I could do to help getting
oqgraph-in-mariadb moving again.


As I understand it, the issues are the following:

1. Current OQGraph autoconf test enables OQGraph by default in the build if a
too old Boost is installed on the machine. This means that a plain
./configure && make will not work on such machines. (In other words, OQGraph
must not be enabled by default on machines where it does not compile).

2. OQGraph is affected by a bug in Boost, so it actually requires a patched
Boost (until some Boost version is released with the fix included).

3. Even if OQGraph is included properly into the MariaDB source tree, we still need to set up package building so that it will actually be able to build and
include OQGraph.

So one possible solution for issue 3 is to include the patched boost headers inside the storage/oqgraph/ directory. I remember that including all of boost was infeasible due to the sheer size of the library. But you mentioned that just the graph part of Boost would do. How big is this subset (number of files
/ number of lines?).

Nop. Didn't say that.
Antony and I thought it might be feasible to simply grab the files from Boost that would be required, reducing the # of files significantly. However, the way the Boost infra works it still requires heaps of files, with conditions based on OS, CPU and compiler platform, etc.

Another solution would be to create an ourdelta package of the patched boost development headers. We could then make this a build dependency of mariadb .debs. But not sure if this is too much work to set up (and not sure about how
this would work for .deb either).

That's work for every distro platform: DEB, RPM, etc. Fussy.

A third solution could be to just install the patched boost in
/usr/local/include on the build VMs. This should work, though it's not 100% nice in terms of providing full source code (you could always release OQGraph
as GPL with a boost linking exception if we're really paranoid).

I don't see this at all.
OQGRAPH is already GPL.
And the patched library is in the oqgraph project repos on Launchpad.
So it's all there anyway.

A fourth solution could be to include the graph part of boost (with bug fix)
as a patch in ourdelta/bakery/, just like the other patches already

That's possible.

As you know, we build a source tarball, and then everything builds from there. So as long as we toss in Boost before we wrap up the source tarball, we're good.
Then it's not in the MariaDB repos, but it's all there.

For issue 1 + 2, if you can point me to what the bug in boost is I could look into making an autoconf test for this bug, and only enable OQGraph by default if a boost without the bug is found. Or failing that, if you can supply me with the minimum version of boost needed, I could try for an autoconf test that does not enable OQGraph by defaults on hosts where it breaks the build.

That would simply mean that OQGRAPH does not get built anyway.
As I understand from Antony, there currently is no Boost version without the issues, hence him doing the fixes. Of course we'll contribute those upstream, but you understand the lag with that going through into distros; and that'd mostly be future distro versions, not existing/past ones that we build for. So while the upstream contribution is important on its own, it's not really related to us doing our builds.

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