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Re: oqgraph in mariadb - integration work


Hi Kristian

On 31/03/2010, at 11:22 PM, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
So my preference would be to make it a built-in/regular as it will
make adopton and subsequent use much easier.

Understand, unfortunately I am out of cycles to look into changing this (I think it requires some (probably simple) changes in at least plug.in and mysql-test-run.pl). But I personally have no strong opinion one way or the

Ya should be same as PBXT then, I should think?

Anyway, the good news is I seem to have got everything sorted out. It's running in Buildbot now, and first few builds look correct on both .deb and

Great! thanks


Arjen, I'll try to remember to put the packages up somewhere in case you want
to check them out.

So if everything looks ok to you, I will ask Serg to do second review, and
hopefully things will be sorted!

I'll push here once Launchpad gets back up:


Probably won't have time to review before I'm in Helsinki, so right now I'll defer to your and Serg's judgement on this. Technically, if the oqgraph-basic test is actually run, and passes, it's functional.

The one thing that needs checking (as noted before) is a possible missing flag that makes OQGRAPH unhappy if binlog is not enabled; it *can* work without binlog so that flag can be added. oqgraph project has a bug on that which also lists what to tweak. I can do that in Helsinki or perhaps Serg can do it quickly.

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